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  • Industry Verticals
  • Food Testing
  • Edible Oil Testing
  • Ambient & Indoor Air Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Fuels and bio-fuel Testing
  • Cosmetic Product Testing
  • Soaps & Detergent Testing
  • Packing material Testing
  • Petroleum and lubricant Testing
  • Plastics and Fertilizer Testing
  • Soil Testing

Food and agriculture

FARE Labs impart analytical testing solutions to the food and agricultural industries. Expert personnel, surveyors, inspectors, and chemists in conjunction with sophisticated analytical instrumentation ensure best results. Food analysis (in raw and processed products) capabilities include:

  • » Testing for composition
  • » Quality & properties
  • » Ingredients and adulteration
  • » Nutritional facts
  • Test for detection and quantification toxic compounds

Fats, oils, and allied products

FARE Labs tests and inspects the quality and processing techniques for a wide range of edible oils. Testing capabilities include:

  • » Quality analysis
  • » Grading of oil seeds and edible oils as per national & international standards
  • » Test method development for quality of oils & fats
  • » Analysis for adulteration testing/mixing of two or more than two oils
  • » Analysis of nutrition information of oils, etc.

Pollution and environment

FARE Lab’s environmental laboratory covers sampling and testing of a wide range of environmental samples:

  • » racing chemical compounds and pollutants
  • » Soil sampling and testing
  • » Liquid effluent & waste water
  • » Sludge & solid waste analysis
  • » Organic compounds trace analysis
  • » Air emission analysis
  • » Toxic waste analysis


FARE Labs provides testing and analytical services (chemical and microbiological) for water quality, and water analytical applications and requirements. The tests are done for:

  • » Water environmental testing
  • » Drinking water testing (packaged drinking water, packaged natural mineral water, ground water, water for processed food industry etc.)
  • » Distilled & dimeneralised water
  • » Swimming pool water
  • » Water treatment plants
  • » Waste water treatment plants
  • » Cooling water
  • » Sea water analysis
  • » Water activity testing (Aw) for foods
  • » Water flow rate/pressure of water in the taps

Fuels and bio-fuels

FARE Labs lends testing, analysis, and research support to a wide range of fuel industries including bio-fuels and other alternative energy industries. Testing includes:

  • » Quality determination of bio fuels and other fuels
  • » Separation and quantifying of various toxic compounds
  • » Analysis of different feed-stocks and their various combinations used for manufacturing bio-fuel

Essential oils, herbs and cosmetics

FARE Labs covers the testing for microbial contamination in cosmetics that may cause deterioration, chemical/physical changes, reduction of shelf life, and make them unsafe for end-users. Tests in this segment include:

  • » Raw material testing
  • » qualitative and quantitative composition of the cosmetic product
  • » Tests according to the physical, chemical and microbiological specifications of the raw materials and product
  • » Sensory evaluation
  • » Odour evaluation of essential oils
  • » Gas chromatography for component analysis

Soaps, detergents and toiletries

FARE Labs provides solutions for testing and analysis of soaps, detergents, surfactants, raw materials, additives, and other ingredients. These include:

  • » Tests for purity
  • » Tests for contamination of raw materials and final products
  • » Formulations of products
  • » Failure analysis
  • » Toxicological analysis
  • » Routine and non-routine testing

Packing materials

Testing for quality analysis of all types of packaging materials for a wide range of customers/industries is done at FARE Labs. Categories/items covered for testing are:

  • » Paper boards, corrugated boxes
  • » Different types of papers, plastic films, plastic laminates
  • » Plastic containers
  • » Aluminium containers/cans used for beverages, metal containers, glass containers
  • » Boxes, bags
  • » Intermediate bulk containers
  • » Ancillary packaging materials etc.

Petroleum and lubricants

FARE Labs provides testing, consulting, and research support to various petrochemical industries for quality control and energy efficiency objectives. These services include:

  • » Refined products sampling and testing
  • » crude oil assays
  • » quality control testing at all stages
  • » recycling of lube oils, engine oils and waste oils, and transformer oil

Industrial and fine chemicals

FARE Labs offers testing services for quality parameters (purity tests) for various chemicals and solvents produced in wide range of industries (fuels, plastics, fertilizers, foods, pharmaceuticals, etc.) as per national and international specifications.

Soil strength

FARE Labs possesses suitable facilities to test the soil strength. Details of tests are:

  • » California Bearing Ratio
  • » Moisture Content
  • » Determination of Liquid Limit
  • » Shrinkage Limitl
  • » Direct Shear Test
  • » Compaction and Penetration Test
  • » Standard Penetration Test
  • » Particle Size to determine soil strength

Wood testing

FARE Labs offers services of wood testing (raw wood, treated & finished wood). Details of tests are:

  • » Elongation, Compression & bend analysis
  • » Tensile strength
  • » Shear Strength
  • » Moisture content
  • » Hardness
  • » Nail/Screw Withdrawal test
  • » Plywood grips
  • » Cleavage
  • » Content of chemicals in treated woods
  • NABL Accredited(ISO IEC 17025:2005)
  • FSSAI Authorized Food Testing Laboratory
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • ISO 14001:2004