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NABL Accredited
(ISO IEC 17025:2005)

FSSAI Authorized Food
Testing Laboratory

MOEF Recognized

OHSAS 18001:2007

ISO 14001:2004


Our Services
  • Analytical testing
  • Research and development
  • Consultancy and Training
  • Other services

Analytical testing

FARE Labs remains formidable in the testing industry as it continues to set benchmarks in various fields of analytical testing. These include:

  • » Sampling and inspection
  • » Routine commercial testing
  • » Adulteration testing
  • » Third party testing
  • » Testing for regulatory requirements
  • » Certification related testing
  • » Testing for nutrition labels

FARE Labs understands the importance of Analytical Testing to business performance and its sustainability. Keeping up to strict international standards, FARE Labs has developed rigorous processes and systems to ensure precision in all the following steps:


Standard procedures have been validated to ensure optimal sampling which would best suit the client situation with special focus on:

  • » Container
  • » Instrument
  • » Add on chemicals, if any
  • » Transportation
  • » Storage


FARE Labs sticks to international standards with mechanisms designed for every individual test to minimize uncertainty levels. Proficiency testing is done at an inter laboratory level globally. FARE Labs ranks among the Top 20 testing laboratories in the world. Instruments and apparatuses used are calibrated through authorized world-class agencies.

Data generation

Farelabs uses specially designed software to generate data in customized formats for better assessment. Data storage, backup & system maintenance ensure proper tracking.


Strong industrial expertise combined with customized data generation enables FARE Labs to provide genuine direction forward rather than just testing results.

Decision input

A holistic solution is recommended by bringing together the knowledge and expertise from other engineering concerns in the group.

Research and development

FARE Labs is a qualified research organization and is committed to conducting cutting-edge industry oriented research by aiming at a problem solving approach with innovative solutions. It has conducted extensive research in various fields that include :

  • » Quality Development
  • » Product Developments
  • » Technology Development

FARE Labs has actively played its part in development of new testing protocols, new compound isolation & quantification, new quality parameter establishment and development of lab management systems.
Research and Development recommendations made by FARE labs have been implemented by the industry on a regular basis.
FARE Labs has consistently collaborated with its sister engineering company to scale up research recommendations into commercially viable technologies.
FARE Labs boasts of a highly qualified team that it has put together over a period of years. This team consists of distinguished scholars coming from leading institutes such as IITR (Lucknow), NBRI (Lucknow), IIT Kanpur, HBTI (Kanpur), Delhi University, Punjab Agricultural University (Ludhiana), GNDU (Amritsar) etc.
The Research Advisory Board constitutes of eminent professors from leading institutes such as Delhi University, IIT Kanpur, Jamia Milia (Delhi), Calcutta University, Bombay University, HBTI (Kanpur), IIP (Dehradun).

Consultancy and Training

FARE Labs has a very capable Consultancy Division that has rich and diverse experience in providing consultancy and training services to its clients. The services include:

  • » C2C* Projects
  • » Process Audit & Improvement
  • » Quality Audit & Management
  • » Energy Efficiency
  • » Effluent Treatment
  • » Environment Management
  • » Yield Improvement
  • » Production Cost Management
  • » Capacity Utilization
  • » Inventory Management


FThe Consultancy Division is well equipped with the knowledge it regularly gains from its other divisions (Analytical Testing and Research & Development), and FARE Labs’ sister engineering firm.

It is this valuable knowledge that FARE Labs leverages to assist its clients in meeting their various manufacturing processes, technology and quality related requirements.

FARE Labs also provides consultancy for laboratory set-up in microbiological, chemical, environmental and pollution streams and assists laboratories in applying and preparing for various national & international accreditations.


  • » Training services for Laboratory & Manufacturing personnel
  • » Short-term refresher courses for experienced personnel
  • » Beginner Programs for fresh recruits

These training programs can be coordinated at the client site or FARE Labs’ premises as per client’s preference.

Additional services

FARE Labs being a pioneer in the field of testing with state of the art facilities and having vast experience, provides a number of additional services to its clients.

  • » New laboratory setting up
  • » Annual lab operation contract
  • » Up-gradation of existing laboratories
  • » Event management (seminars/work-shops)
  • » Placement services for lab personnel
  • » Liaison with Government bodies for clients
  • » Lab support to damage/ loss surveyors

Corporate membership plan

FARE Labs offers an attractive opportunity for its clients to enter into a lifetime relationship under which they can avail a full range of technical services at discounted pricing and on a preferential basis. The services covered are:

  • Service Covered
  • » Project Consultancy
  • » Technical Consultancy
  • » Laboratory Process Improvement Advisory
  • » Sample analysis and testing
  • » Sponsored R&D Liaison with various Government departments on technical subjects
  • » Inter-laboratory & Proficiency Testing Program
  • » Organizing sponsored seminars/conferences/workshops
  • » Technical Personnel Placement
  • » Laboratory personnel training (including on-site trainings for specific jobs)

Key benefits for members :
Free preliminary information: The initial information for all the queries communicated through phone/ mail is free of charge. Discounts: Substantial price discounts are offered on various services Knowledge access: The members have a free access to our wide database of knowledge, which can be helpful to their businesses Out-of-turn treatment: The members covered under this scheme are entitled to preferential treatment for commercial analysis and testing Round the clock support: The members are ensured round the clock support for their various needs.