Calibration Division

FARE Labs Pvt Ltd, Gurugram (Calibration & Research Division) was established on 08 th January 2017 at Gurugram. FARE Labs has been accredited as per ISO/IEC17025: 2005 by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) in June 2018. Fare Labs is having highly accurate world class instruments and measurement standards directly traceable to CSIR-NPL, India and other NMIs.

FARE Labs is having matching scope with NMIs in many verticals. We are having unique calibration facility for high temperature radiation thermometry above 1000 °C to 3000 °C.

FARE Labs is also having specialized calibration facility for precision resistance thermometers in the variable range from -180 °C to -80 °C.

FARE Labs has also got specialized calibration facility for high capacity tank volumes up to 6500 kL.

FARE Labs Calibration division consists of following four verticals :

Liquid-in-Glass Thermometry having calibration range from -80 °C to 300 °C

Resistance Thermometry consisting of PRTs, RTDs thermometers and Digital thermometers with calibration range from -196 °C to 660 °C Thermocouple Thermometry having Noble and Base metal TCs with temperature range from 0 °C to 1800 °C

Infrared Radiation Pyrometry with IR-thermometers, thermal imagers & Optical Pyrometers having calibration range from -15 °C to 3000 °C

Hygrometry consisting Humidity meters and hygrometers with calibration facility in the range from 10% RH to 95% RH along with temperature range from 10 °C to 50 °C.

  • Mass calibration facility having range from 1mg to 300kg with balance of minimum readable of 1°g
  • Volume calibration facility consisting of 1L to 500 L.
  • Also NABL accredited capability for calibration of large volume tanks upto 6500 KL.
  • Density calibration facility from 0.6g/mL to 2g/mL
  • Viscosity in the range from 1.0 mm2/s2 to 70, 000 mm2/s2 and Viscometer 0.001 to 100 mm2/s2
  • Pressure calibration capability from -1 bar (kg/cm2) to 700 bar (kg/cm2)
  • Fixed point primary standards in Frequency and DC voltage
  • For source and measure modes for calibration of AC/DC voltage (10µV to 28 KV)
  • For source and measure mode for calibration of AC/DC current (1nA to 6000 A),
  • For source and measure mode for calibration of AC/DC power,
  • For source and measure mode for calibration of Resistance (1 mΩ to 20 GΩ)
  • For source and measure mode for calibration of Frequency (10 Hz to 10 MHz),
  • For source and measure mode for calibration of capacitance (220pF to 100F),
  • Stop watch and Timer Calibration( 1 m Second to 3600 Seconds)
  • For source and measure mode for calibration of temperature simulation for all RTDs & thermocouples.

Coming Soon

Calibration for High Precision Instruments with NABL Accreditation (ISO/IEC 17025)


Instruments to be calibrated



RTD Sensor, Thermocouple, Thermometer (Digital/Glass), Temperature probe, Temperature Gauge, IR Thermometer, IR Gun, Thermal Imager, IR Detector, Radiation Pyrometer, Lager Pointed IR PyrometerTemperature, Controller/Recorder/ Transmitter, Wet & Dry Thermo hygrometers.
High temperature Furnaces (up to 3000 °C), Liquid/Water Baths, Indictors of (Thermal Sources, Baths, DBC & Furnaces), Dry Block Chambers, Dry wells, Chambers, Incubators, Ovens,  Muffles, Environmental Chambers, Heating Chambers,  Blackbody Source, IR Thermal Sources & Blackbody Cavity Sources.
Estimation of Stability & Uniformity, Mapping (Cold Rooms, Chambers).

RTD (-196 to 660 °C): (0.004 to 0.03) ⁰C
TC’s (upto 1200 °C): (0.25 to 0.54) °C
Liquids Baths(-180 to 660 °C): (0.02 to 0.05) °C
High Temperature Furnaces (up to 1200)°C: 0.04 to 0.50 °C
IR Thermometer (-15 to 3000) °C: (0.53 to 4.43) °C
IR Chambers (-32 to 3000) °C: (1.0 to 6.0) °C


Hygrometer, Humidity Meter, Digital Hygrometer, Thermo-hygrometer, Humidity sensor, RHT Sensor, Humidity Transmitter, Humidity Recorder & Data Logger.
Indicator of Humidity Chamber, Humidity Chamber, Environmental Chamber, Humidity Generator & Humidity Mapping.

Humidity Indicators (10 to 95) % RH@ 25°C: 0.44 % RH
Humidity Chambers (10 to 95) % RH@ 25°C: 0.5 % RH
Humidity Indicators / Chambers (10 to 50) °C @50%RH: 0.16 °C


Ammeter, Voltmeter, Multimeter, Clamp meter, Frequency Meter, Earth Tester, Megger, Ohm meter, Resistance Meter, Capacitance Meter, Power Factor Meter, Power Supply (DC& AC), CRO, Oscilloscope, Energy Meter, Power Meter, Temperature Indictor, Temperature Controller, PID, DAQ Scanner, Resistance Decade Box, Frequency Generator, Insulation Tester & Multi-function Process Calibrator.

DC/AC Voltage (1 mV to 1000 V): (0.052 to 0.0012) %
DC/AC Current (1 µA to 20 A): (0.0016 to 0.052) %
DC Resistance (1 Ω to 10GΩ): (0.013 to 0.34) %
Frequency (10 Hz to 10 GHz): (0.08 to 0.013) %


Weights E2 & coarser (1 mg to 1 kg).
Weighing balances & Scales, Moisture Balances (1 µg to 300 kg).

Weights: 0.003 mg to 5 mg
Balances: 9 µg to 14 g


Piston Operated Pipette & Micro Syringe.
Pipette, Burette, Measuring Jar/Cylinder, beaker, Standard Flask, Conical Flask,Volumetric Flask, Graduated Pipette & Graduated Jar.
Storage Tank (20 kl to 6500 kl)

Pipette (1 µl to 10 ml): 0.02 µl to 0.01 ml
Glassware (1 ml to 500 ml): (0.004 to 0.05) ml
Storage Tank:0.2 %


Hydrometers (0.64 g/ml to 1.95 g/ml)

0.0008 g/ml to 0.001 g/ml


Capillary Viscometers (all type) [0.001 cSt/s to 100 cSt/s].
Kinematic Viscosity of Newtonian Liquids [1 cSt to 70,000 cSt].
Ford Cup/Viscosity Cup/Flow Cup.

Viscometers: (0.27 to 0.60) %.
Viscosity Liquids :(0.27 to 0.60) %
Ford Cup:0.35 %


Pneumatic/Hydraulic Pressure Gauge (Digital & Analogue).

(-1 to 700) bar: 7 Pa to 85 kPa (0.0007 to 0.85) bar


Indicator of RPM Measurement, Centrifuge, Bag Mixer, Incubator Shaker.

(up to 99000) RPM: 1.6 % rdg


Tachometer, pH Meter, Sound level Meter, Lux Meter, Water Conductivity Meter, Refrectometer, Spectro-Photo meter, Viscometer, Turbidity Meter, Timer, Anemometer, TDS Meter, Penetrometer, GC, GCECD, AAS& High Temperature Sources & Indicators (1200 °C to 1600 °C).

Industry Verticals