Ayush, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
Capsules Chemical Methods Drug Substance (API) Injections
Dissolution Pharmaceutical Aid Syrup and Oral Suspension Tablets
Assay Identification Friability Disintegration Uniformly Weight
Physical and Physiological Methods
Essential Oils, Herbs and Cosmetics
Shaving Creams Herbal Based Cosmetics Cosmetic Skin Powder Sindoor
After Shave Lotion Face Pack Hair Oil Henna Powder Hair Removal Cream
Kajal Lipsticks Nail Polish Petroleum Jelly Skin Cream
Liquid Foundation Hair Dyes Toothpaste Essential Oils and Other Natural Fragrant Raw Materials
Soaps, Detergents and Toiletries
Antibacterial Toilet Soap Bathing Bar Detergent Laundry
Soap Toiletries Shampoo Face Wash
Disinfectants Fluid Floor Cleaner Disinfectants Toilet Cleaner Glass Cleaner Soap based and Surfactant based Shampoos
Food and Agriculture
Animal Food and Feeds Ayush Products Natural Waxes Tea
Coconut Products Sugar & Sugar Products Edible Oils & Fats Edible Colors & Flavours
Honey & Honey Products Infant Foods Nuts & Nut Products Lecithin
Meat & Meat Products Milk & Diary Products Glycerine Pet Foods
Canned & Processed Foods Proprietary Foods Poultry & Poultry Products Vegetables Products
Coffee and Cocoa Products Oil Seeds & By-Products Tobacco & Tobacco Products Starch & Starch Products
Food Additives & Preservations Fruits & Vegetables Products Marine/ Aqua Culture Food Products Herbs, Spices & Condiments
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Cereals, Pulses & Cereal Products Chocolates & Related Products Compressed Air for Food Grade
Bakery and Confectionery Products Jams, Juices, Sauces & Concentrates Nutritional Analysis of Packaged Foods Beverages (Alcholic/Non-Alcholic)
Industrial and Fine Chemicals
Chemicals Used in Leather Industry Chemicals Used in Rubber Industry Chemicals Used in Food Industry Inorganic Chemicals
Organic Chemicals Other Chemicals
Ink, Dyes & Pigments
Duplicating Inks Dye Intermediates Printing Inks Synthetic Dyes
Writing Inks Others
Fuel, Bio-Fuels & Lubricants
Odiesel Briquettes Coolant Fluid Chiller/Compressor Oil
Diesel Furnace Oil Grease Husk, Baggas, Biomass, Wooden Chip, Corn Cob
Insulating Oil Kerosene Lubricating Oil Motor Gasoline (Petrol)
Transformer Oil Quenching Oil Thermic Fluid Oil Others
Pollution & Environment
Construction Water Drinking Water Ground Water Haemodialysis and Related Therapies
Industrial Water Irrigation Water Packaged Drinking Water Surface Water
Swimming Pool Water Water from Purifiers
Waste Water
Industrial Waste Water Domestic Waste Water Effluent Toxicity (Bioassay Test)  
Municipal Wastes (Hazardous and other wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules 2016)
Used/Waste Oil Liquid/Slurry/Sludge/Solid/Semi-Solid Waste    
Soil and Rocks
Soil ( Fertile and Non Fertile) Sediments    
Plastic, Paper, Pulp & Resins
Granules Corrugated Boxes Solid Bleached Duplex Board
Sulphate Board Folding Box Board Pipes & Fitting Coated Duplex Board
Toys & Similar Products Plastic & Polymer Pouches/Bag/Sack Paper & Allied Products Plastic & Polymer Films
Composite Packaging Materials Plastic & Polymer Container/Bottle/Jar Product
Environment monitoring
Air monitoring
Ambient Air Monitoring Work Zone Air/Indoor air Monitoring
(Illuminance Testing ,Vibration Testing and Corrosion Rate Testing)
Noise monitoring
Ambient Noise Work Zone Noise Source Noise (DG Noise & Machine Noise)
Gas Monitoring
Compressed Gas Industrial Gas Gases for Medical Use
Emission monitoring
Stack Emission Process/vent Emission Fugitive Emission
Meteorological monitoring
Wind Speed Wind direction Relative humidity
Solar Radiation Temperature