Additional Services

FARE Labs being a pioneer in the field of testing with state of the art facilities and having vast experience, provides a number of additional services to its clients.

New laboratory setting up

FARE Labs provides consultancy services for the establishment of new laboratory (chemical and biological laboratories) and also its continuous management system as per ISO 17025:2005 for the efficient work. The activities for the new laboratory set up include:

  • Design of laboratory and its construction
  • Selection of technical persons/staff
  • Selection and procurement of instruments/equipments, glasswares, reagents, chemicals, reference materials etc.
  • Calibration of equipments & glasswares
  • Selection of Standard Operating procedures for respective parameters of tests
  • Validated of SOPs
  • In-house training of technical personnel
  • Management of the laboratory as per national and international regulations for the maximum output of the laboratory
Annual lab operation contract

FARE Labs boasts of an efficient technical group that provides its clients a reliable consultancy for the outstanding laboratory operations throughout the year for a wide range of industries. These laboratory operations include physical, chemical and microbiological sections of testing with activities like:

  • Monitoring of environmental conditions of the laboratory
  • Standardization and calibration of glasswares and instruments
  • Selection of SOP’s
  • Validation of SOP’s
  • In-house training of personnel
  • Management of the laboratory and compliance with the national and international regulations or accreditations throughout the contract
Up-gradation of existing laboratories

FARE Labs also helps its clients with up-gradation of existing laboratories. Firstly, consultancy services assess the laboratory's strategic plan to ensure that all the strategies and facilities help the industry/laboratory to meet the future opportunities and needs appropriately. Only after that, it develops consolidated plans for the up-gradation of existing laboratories.

Event management (seminars/work-shops)

FARE Labs actively takes part in management of technical seminars and workshops in which application management, screening of papers, inviting government bodies, sourcing funds, finalizing sponsors, venues, invitees list and publicity management is done.

Placement services for lab personnel

FARE Labs helps its clients with able manpower support. It recruits personnel and provides them training as per client’s requirements before they join the client’s premises.

Liaison with Government bodies for clients

FARE Labs has worked closely with various government bodies on various occasions and hence has developed strong relationships with them. FARE Labs helps its clients in creation of technical papers and getting government approvals for their projects, if required.

Lab support to damage/ loss surveyors

FARE Labs also provides technical support to the loss surveyors and insurance companies helping them to figure out the reasons and validity of the claims.
Management of the laboratory as per national and international regulations for the maximum output of the laboratory